Actors’ Showreels From Scratch Service in Manchester @MatoboLtd @RachaelPowerTV @ada_actors @matoboltd

Matobo Actors' Showreels from Scratch! IN MANCHESTER THIS JULY! Matobo are pleased to announce our new Actors’ Showreels From Scratch service, shooting at an exclusive location in Central Manchester. Our World Class team, led by BAFTA-nominated film-maker, Ben Giles, and ADA casting professional, Rachael Power, aims to create the best quality showreels in the industry, … Continue reading Actors’ Showreels From Scratch Service in Manchester @MatoboLtd @RachaelPowerTV @ada_actors @matoboltd


Headshots Q&A with @CNewmanWilliams Claire Newman-Williams

I would like to start my actors headshot Q&A with the well known photographer Claire Newman-Williams. Claire is a London based photographer that has extensive experience in the States as well as experience in fine art photography featured in The Last Supper Gallery and more. Most of us in the business know her shots from a single glance … Continue reading Headshots Q&A with @CNewmanWilliams Claire Newman-Williams