Top 10 Tips for Self-Tape Auditions with @JaneAndersonCDG

Hi Everyone! I am extremely excited to present that first of my new series - The Top 10 Tips for Self-Tape auditions. Today I'll be sharing the wonderful Jane Anderson's tips. Jane has cast numerous projects for the BBC, ITV and CBBC and has established herself in the industry as an active CD - going … Continue reading Top 10 Tips for Self-Tape Auditions with @JaneAndersonCDG


WHO IS WATCHING THIS? TELEVISION ALERT! FIRST THINGS FIRST.... Who has been watching BBC3 online? They have set out some fantastic drama series and I have been LIVING for them all. Murdered by My Father I have to start this post talking about this brave piece of television. Adeel Akhtar & Kiran Sonia Sawar were captivating and the writing by … Continue reading #WhoIsWatchingThis?