5 Epic #TV Audition Tapes Available on @Youtube! #AuditionTapes #SelfTapeAuditions

Hi Everyone,


This is something I’ve been wanting to share for awhile. Not just the standard audition tapes we’ve all looked at like Rachel McAdams for Notebook (so emotional) but a few that might not have gone as viral on social media.


Starting with one of my top three favorite TV shows of all time, LOST!

Lost – Evangeline Lily (45,000+ Views)


Why not throw in Josh Holloways audition tape too?

Lost – Josh Holloway (1M+ Views)


A classic show with loads of celebs!

Freaks & Geeks – Seth Rogens Audition Tape (120,000+ Views)


The hit Netflix series coming out soon with Season 2…

Stranger Things – Natalie Dyer (4.5K+ Views)


And to show off the true comedic legends ….

The Office – Multiple Auditions (7M+ Views)


I love watching celeb audition tapes on youtube and hope you enjoyed too.


On a quick side note, If you haven’t already checked out the ‘My Worst Audition’ series on YouTube from the Jimmy Kimmel show, make sure to have a look. I’ve added the John Oliver clip below and a few more available online.