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It’s that time again when actors, producers, dancers, casting directors and agents all alike, pack up for a theatrical jam-packed trip to the Edinburgh fringe festival!

This year has promised to be filled with exceptional talent and productions as this marks the 70th anniversary of the festival. I’m excited to share two separate productions and urge you to go and watch whilst your at the Fringe in August.


As seen on BBC One’s Live at the Apollo, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and The John Bishop Show 




9pm Gilded Balloon, Debating Hall



The first show I’m really excited about is ‘I Swear’ performed by Tom Stade, an Edinburgh resident. This comic show is promised to be “Unmissable” and “Gloriously Funny” from publications like Edinburgh Evening News and the Scotsman online.


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For those who have experienced one of Tom’s epic narratives, never has a show been more appropriately titled. Tom pledges to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, providing an inspiring and incisive antidote to these dark and uncertain times.

Tom is one of a kind, with a genuine flare for observation and improvisation, delivering quality satire and passion into every set. A natural on camera, his effortless charm has translated perfectly onto the small screen with storming sets on; Live at the Apollo, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Lee Mack’s All Star Cast, Dave’s One Night Stand and Channel 4’s Boyle Variety Performance. He is a regular guest presenter at Q Magazine’s annual music awards and is co-writer of Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights and his own online sitcom with Daniel Sloss M.U.F.F. In the words of Rhod Gilbert, Tom is Sublime, imaginative, original and hilarious. He’s a safe bet for a great night out and guaranteed to be a stand out show at the fringe.

If you’d like to see him perform – please click on the Youtube video below!


Tom is also going on tour with the show in autumn and you can find a full list of his tour dates on his website.

Warning: Due to inevitable belly ache from all the laughter, this show is best enjoyed on an empty stomach, taken before, after and during alcohol consumption. The word fuck and other harmless profanities will definitely be used in every sentence!




Burning Wheel Productions





3RD – 27TH AUGUST 2017



Modern Art & Naked Ambition Can Be A Messy Business

This next show I am extremely excited about, more so about the background and content of the show itself. It does help that you have top dog writers Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh behind it. Not to mention the director Nick Moran, holding extremely high credits in the film industry!


Trainspotting first launched Irvine Welsh’s incredible career

Performers deals with masculinity at the point when the sexual revolution was saturating culture. For many working class men it was confusing and threatening. As secularism started to replace traditional Judaeo-Christian attitudes, a lot of men found themselves torn between embracing the liberation and clinging to the simpler, more morally binary past.

In the swinging and hallucinogenic London of 1968, visionary Scottish filmmaker Donald Cammell joined forces with cinematographer Nicolas Roeg to make “Performance”. The film would star James Fox, Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg, but the casting process was frustrating for Cammell because he insisted on bringing “real villains” into the roles that supported the lead character of South London gangster Chas Devlin.

David Litvinoff, a chameleon-like character who bridged the worlds of rock and roll and organized crime, was employed as dialogue coach because of his connections and he set about introducing “real villains” to Donald Cammell. What started out as an acting vehicle for Mick Jagger soon took detours as Cammell began experimenting with the script. He developed the theme of dualism and became inspired by the writings of Borges and the paintings of Francis Bacon. Violence, psychedelic drugs, sex and a homoerotic subtext became enmeshed in a story about the fracturing of the male psyche. David Litvinoff persuaded many London criminals to audition for roles in the film.

Performers is the story of two of them.

“Performers” is a dark, subtle comedy with a cast of 4 including actors Perry Benson, George Russo, Lewis Kirk and Maya Gerber (click on the links to check out their fabulous IMDB pages). A play of one scene, that narrates the story of two unwitting gangsters who find themselves auditioning for a part in the film. Packed full of cultural reference points from the swinging sixties, the play presents an altogether inspiring twist on a classic casting couch situation. Perry Benson and George Russo make the perfect gangster duo, with exceptional immersion into his character from Perry. Expect some nudity.

Welsh, Irvine BW - NEW - c. Jeffrey Delannoy[1]


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Thank you to Sacha Taylor-Cox at Hush Hush PR for keeping us updated with the up and coming performances and please go and enjoy the shows at this years Edinburgh Fringe!


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