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I am so excited today to share a Q&A with Claire Manship and Ian Brodsky all the way from America on their new Podcast that is available on iTunes (When you realize you sound more and more like Rupaul everyday…).

Back before moving to England, I completed 1 year at Elon University as a BA Acting Major. Elon University is a very prestigious school that has one of the top Musical Theatre programs in the country. You will find some influential stars and MT legends who graduated from this school. The reason for me leaving Elon was purely down to the distance from the school to my actual house in Elon, North Carolina. Sometimes you do need to move properly away from home to grow in University and for me I needed to move (the country) to learn and grow.

Regardless, during my time at Elon I meet some really incredible people and learned from the best. It wasn’t until the other day when Claire Manship (who I went to Elon with and has an epic vocal) got back in touch to tell me about her and Ian’s new podcast.

Instantly, I wanted to share this on the blog because any actor who goes out of their to make new opportunities and share insight with fellow performs is top notch. I’ve had a listen I would recommend this podcast to actors. Not only will you get a feel for the industry in NYC and LA – but the conversations are fun and witty.

Please find below the Q&A from Claire Manship & Ian Brodsky


Enjoy and make sure to check them out below. 





1. How did you two meet?

CLAIRE: Funny story – Ian and I met on OKCupid, about three years ago. I’m not sure if that’s a global app, or just in the US, but back then it was a pretty reputable dating app for people who lived near you. Now, it’s some sort of raunchy hookup app, from what I understand! But, regardless, we went on a dating-app-date to a diner, ate grilled cheese, and chatted over our roles in the business and work we had been doing. Ian and I agree that it was a VERY platonic first encounter. As charming as he is, there was definitely no spark! So, ever since then, we’ve kept in touch via social media, and live-tweet sessions of Harry Potter movie marathons, and finally started hanging out again about nine months ago.

Ian: They’re pretty top-notch twitter sessions!

2. As a fun and random question – tell us your favorite role you’ve ever played thus far in your career and why?

CLAIRE: This past summer I starred in the regional premiere of It Shoulda Been You, at STAGES St. Louis. I don’t know why they trusted me with the huge responsibility of carrying a show like that (I must have unwittingly tricked them into casting me), but it was an honor, and I loved every minute of it!

IAN: I’m going to say Malcolm in the film Begin Again, written and directed by John Carney. It was my first professional job and I learned a whole lot, being on set for the first time, working with A-list actors, and working in film in general. I never thought I’d even see an opportunity like that, and I can’t say enough how much I loved that character, that cast, that film, everything about that job.

3. Tell us about your podcast!

CLAIRE: As we say in the opening of every episode, The Thing That Happened This Week is a roundtable podcast where we, the co-hosts, and any guests we have on, bring a story to share from the past seven days that happened in their personal lives. The goal is to hash out the idea of the happenstance or occurrence, and directly or tangentially, get to the bottom of what it all means. In recent and upcoming episodes, stories range from tweeting childhood heroes and talking to people with disabilities, to having long-overdue reunions with old friends and being afraid of aliens. New episodes drop around 12 AM, American Eastern Standard Time, on Wednesday mornings/late Tuesday nights.


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4. When and how did the inspiration come to start a podcast focused for performers?

CLAIRE: We are both avid listeners to many different kinds of podcasts, and I had wanted to do one for a long time. A podcast is the perfect vehicle for performers to have both, a passion project, and a platform. New York is always so weird and unusual things are always happening, so the show was born out of my selfish need to talk about my strange, daily anecdotes on the regular. We were riding the subway together a couple months ago, when I asked Ian to be my business partner, and pitched him the show.

IAN: I would say the focus on performers was a bit of a happy accident. As performers, you tend to surround yourself with a lot of other performers, and they all make for excellent guests. But on the same note of what Claire said, people love talking about themselves and we love listening to the funny, strange, exciting, and even shocking stories they bring to the table

5. If you had to describe the audience of your podcast in 3 words what would they be?

CLAIRE: Millennial, Thoughtful, and Willing-To-Go-There. (I cheated on the last one.)

IAN: Eclectic, Creative, Ballsy.

6. Who was your first podcast with and tell us some exciting features coming up?

CLAIRE: Our first podcast episode was just the two of us on the mic. We had actually booked some pretty famous guests, but the scheduling didn’t work out last minute. So, in the spirit of “The show must go on,” we produced the debut episode with no prepared content. I think it worked out okay, but honestly, having a guest really helps us stay on track! We have so many exciting upcoming guests, including MAJOR power players in PR, Media, Television, Theatre, Music, and more, so please check out for all the details!


IAN: That. All of that.

7. I had a chance to listen to one of the podcasts so far (Episode 2) – and I loved that Branson went into such detail on how supportive auditions are. Do you think this platform will be a chance for actors to unite? Is that the outcome you’re looking for?

CLAIRE: Most of our friends that have agreed to guest on the show are comics and actors, but we also have guests that we reached out to on a whim, in other fields. I would love for the show’s outreach to aide a community of actors, but I’d love even more if it helped bridge the gap between the performing arts and other industries. We really isolate ourselves and get wrapped up in what we’re working on, in the New York theatre and film community, and I’d love for our “callsheet”, as it were, to read more like a meeting of the minds, rather than an exclusive actor club.

IAN: I 100% agree. I’d love to see people of different industries uniting as well. Again, as actors, it’s super easy to ask favors of your friends who are actors as well. We’ve taken some risks on reaching out to people in other industries, and even within our own, to cast a wider net and it’s been successful so far!

8. Do you plan on taking the podcast to Youtube (Any live streams)?

CLAIRE: The idea of live shows has already come up (which we would LOVE to do), but until we make more money and/or gain sponsorship and can get into a studio, video podcasting would be difficult. We just don’t have enough hands, at this point, to double-produce content between the recording process and filming some of it. But, fingers crossed that we reach that goal soon! I’d love for the show to have a multi-angle viewpoint.

IAN: That would be amazing. Some of my favorite podcast episodes are live episodes because the crowd brings such a wonderful, supportive energy. That goal might be a bit lofty at our current stage, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to strive for it!

9. What has been the best moment so far from the podcast?

CLAIRE: Watching the podcast go live on iTunes was a really major moment. It was definitely a prideful, exciting opportunity.

IAN: Both Claire and I have had the opportunity to catch up with old friends on the show who we haven’t seen in a while. I think that’s been my favorite part so far because it is so easy to lose touch with people, so when we get to catch up and share current stories, it’s a treat.

10. Tell us your dream guests?

CLAIRE: My dream guest/best friend/biggest crush ever is Stanley Tucci. But, realistically, in the New York recording base, I’d love to get some people from Comedy Central on the show. We already have people guesting from that community, but Sam Bee, John Oliver, and Trevor Noah have SUCH insight. We’d be unbelievably lucky to have them on.

IAN: DEFINITELY Sam Bee. For me, Chris Hardwick has been such an inspiration so he would be my dream guest. Also, I love Anna Kendrick, so that would be stellar. Also I think his availability opens up soon so if Barack Obama wants to swing by my apartment/recording studio, he is more than welcome.

11. Moving forward, what should be expect to see from The Thing that Happened This Week?

CLAIRE: Y’all should expect to see the show gain better quality content and sound. Already, dropping an episode with a guest much more famous than we are, has our listenership up quite a bit. I’m hopeful that the show will gain a followership that we can use social media to collaborate with. And most of all, I see the show creating thoughtful moments now, and in the future. The Thing That Happened This Week is based around the concept of questioning everyday occurrences. I want the show and its guests to stay inquisitive and kind – that’s the best content we could hope for.

IAN: Expect to hear more stories and discussions that are humorous and sincere that bring us closer together. I think that’s my favorite combination of things and our podcast is the perfect platform to do that, no matter what your background is. As we gain followership, I’d love to see listeners write in with their stories as well, and even cover some at live events. I’m just brainstorming out loud here, but there’s a lot of possibility with a project like this and Claire and I would love to see all of it through!


I want to say thank you to both Claire & Ian for talking to me about their new podcast. If anyone has any questions make sure to drop them a DM on Twitter or let them know through their contact form on the website.


Wishing them all the best for the future and i’ll be listening!



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