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It wasn’t until the other day that I was skimming through LinkedIn and stumbled across Laura Naylor.

I noticed really because of the actor-focused content she was sharing, but I also started to notice how busy this lady truly is and the fantastic projects she has worked on. I could tell from her active social platforms that she was an extremely determined person and that is something I value in people! Not only is the entertainment industry difficult, but it takes a lot of self promotion to get to where you want to be in life.

I think you will find from Laura’s responses and experience that she knows a thing or two about self promotion – in the greatest way possible. As I would say… She is on it!

Laura Naylor is originally from Preston in Lancashire. Throughout her working life Laura has been employment as a presenter however, her career has evolved quite rapidly in the last two years.
You might recognize Laura from her exciting projects in Television and Radio. Her television credits include: QVC, Fashion One TV, Keep It Country TV, Gala TV, Chiswick TV, That’s Lancashire TV.

*Make sure to check out Laura’s most recent interview at The 2016 Chiswick Dog Show featuring famous faces including David Tennant, Jeremy Vine, Rula Lenska, Michael Ball and Ant McPartlin.*

Laura’s additional credits include Wandsworth Radio, M&S, ASDA, Fujitsu, Mobile Toyz Gadget Show, Fashions Finest, London Fashion Week, Race For Life, View My Gig, Entertainment Paparazzi, The Anthony Nolan Campaign, Shorts On Tap, Swim Britain and Coronation Street.

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1. How did your journey lead you into Presenting? 

From the age of seven I had always wanted to be an actress. I was in all the plays at primary, high school & amateur dramatics and then went on to do a BTEC in Performing Arts at Preston College. When I was 18 I auditioned for various drama schools. I was ‘recalled’ by many and then told that they thought I was too young to do an acting degree. They said I was a very young 18 year old! When I was 19 I left home and moved to Devon to work as a coat style entertainer at Ladram Bay Holiday Park. This was my first taste of presenting and I loved it!


2. Did you complete any type of professional training to become a presenter? Do you think this is something people should invest in if they are interested in pursuing the presenter route.

I haven’t done any professional training to become a presenter. I always say that holiday parks and cruise ships are the best training you will ever have! I am so grateful and thankful I worked in this industry! It really is THE best way to learn and grow as a presenter.


3. What would you say are the most important qualities a person must possess to become a presenter?

I feel the most important qualities a person must posses to become a presenter are honesty, authenticity, don’t be a second rate version of someone else – be the best version of you. Be hard working and be a decent human being. Take a genuine interest in the subject matter, product or the person you are interviewing.


4. Which is more important when starting off as a Presenter? A showreel or a website?

A show reel is so important. Even if it’s just a video you’ve taken yourself. Employers will be able to see your qualities as a presenter even if the production qualities are low.


5. Do you have a presenter reel? Where can we see it?

You can view my show reel on all my social media sites and you can also watch below!

 Laura Naylor Presenter Showreel


6. What has been your most exciting project to date?

My most exciting project to date – It is really hard to pinpoint one particular project as I’ve been afforded lots of varied work as a presenter but my career highlights have been having my own radio show, which allowed me to interview my favourite band The Overtones and being able to interview some of my hero’s Ant Mcpartlin, Michael Ball, David Tennant & Dame Kelly Holmes to name a few!


7. Tell us one of the most valuable skill you learned on the job.

One of the most valuable skills I’ve learned on the job is to be prepared for anything to happen! Do your research and listen.


8. What would you suggest to an actor/dancer/model who is interested?

For anyone wanting to pursue presenting as a career I would say…work hard, get a good show reel together, be expected to work for free. This will work in your favor as you can get some great footage together and gain great experience. Never give up. Dream big because dreams do come true!

The 4 P’s: Be positive, patient, persistent and polite!


9. Do you find improvisation is one of the most important tools to presenting?

Improvisation is one of the great tools of presenting but you also need to be able to learn a script and read an auto cue.


10. Who is your favorite presenter and why?

My favourite presenters – I am Ant & Dec’s number one fan! They are fantastic!!!

Thank you Laura for your insight and we look forward to watching your success grow! 



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