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Hi All,

It is my pleasure today to present a post on Applying and Meeting Agents!

I’ve been speaking with Romany Hoyland from Galloways Agency this past week about meeting with clients.

I find all the time my friends coming to me asking ‘What do I put in this cover letter?, What is the right tone?, Do I include X & Y?’… So it is time to put an end to your questions and find out some helpful tips when applying to agents and then when meeting the agent for the first time.

Meeting an agent for a ‘general’ meeting or prospective meeting to jump on their books can be daunting. I know many people and have sat in plenty of general meeting with actors to know that some don’t know what to expect or what to say/ask. This guide will hopefully put an end to some of your questions and by all means, if you have more specific questions fire them on over.

Galloways opened in 1985 by the current MDs mother, so it is a family business. Romany has worked as an agent for 7 years and she looks after clients who work in the Theatre, Film and Television industry.
Galloways Agency currently represent around 70 actors for:
  • Television
  • Theatre
  • Film
  • Commercials
  • Commercial Division with 70 clients for sole advert submissions
You can find more information on the agency at their website:
They also have an Instagram Page! Go check them out HERE.

Part 1 – Applying to an Agency

1. Firstly – Does Galloways prefer applications in the post or in an email?

Email. Save the trees! ⭐


2. Would you prefer the actor to always write when they are in a production/show/has footage or are you happy for actors to write because they are seeking representation but don’t have any projects in the pipeline?

We definitely prefer the former, though not necessarily if a CV that speaks for itself.


3. What should actors always include in an email/letter to an agent? Other than contact information and Spotlight details…

We don’t need anything beyond those two things – clickable Spotlight link, not your pin preferably – unless they are inviting us to a show, in which case those details too.


4. Do you find it is better for an Actor to be truthful about wanting to leave their representation from the start or wait until meeting in person to discuss in depth?

No we don’t necessarily need to know why they are leaving in the application, we’ll ask them in the chat, but a brief mention can help us decide whether we are able to potentially help and take things further (don’t ever slag off your old agent).

5. If an actor has dated credits or images is it best for them to be honest about this in their initial approach?

Credits: if there is a huge gap, mention why (time out for family eg). Don’t ever apply with dated images!

6. What was the most memorable letter or email someone has put forward to you for Representation (Good or Bad)?

We like them short and sweet (we get a lot!), no big attachments. We occasionally get virtual essays, which we don’t have time to read.

No selfies or old photos. No ‘How do I apply’? (it’s on our website). As are our names so don’t call to ask who to address the email to.

No ‘I am working on my showreel so can send that next month’ – just wait until you have it, then apply.

Don’t ever cc lots of agents onto the same email, and don’t copy paste and forget to change the name of the agency!

Part 2 – Meeting a Prospective Client

6. Appearance wise what do you expect when the actor walks through the door? Do they need to look similar to a casting situation or an interview style of appearance?

No not dressy, we prefer to get a sense of their personality so come as they are.


7. What are those key questions you’d like the prospective client to ask you (The Agent)?

Red tape like commission/notice period, but nothing specific beyond that. Having said that – do ask something to show you have prepped and or thought about it, it doesn’t really matter what.


8. Is there a well-known line that actors say regularly which shouldn’t be said when first meeting an Agent?

I’ve just trained in ‘A’ but all I actually want to do is ‘B’.


9. What as an Agent do you want or desire to get from the actor when meeting a prospective client?

I like to see a switched on, all together pleasant person, who I then know will go into auditions and make a good impression.

I also like to see that they are genuinely interested in the agency – I once had someone say they’d like to join a ‘small’ agency for the interim but their ultimate goal was to be with a big one – not good!


10. What is the best piece of advice you can give to actors who are going to meet with a new agent?

Don’t be late!

11. How long should an actor wait to get back in touch with an Agent after that first prospective meeting?

That isn’t necessary for us, we’ll swiftly be in touch with them to say yes or no.



Thank you again to Romany for taking the time to answer these questions. Make sure to go to their site and check them out. Extremely friendly agency and you have all the information above to make applying easier and more focused.

Galloways Website

Galloways Instagram

Galloways Twitter






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