What to wear to a #MusicalTheatre #Audition? Interview with @PearsonCasting & @TwinTina2

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I hope everyone enjoyed the self-tape audition series with Jane Anderson CDG & Janet Hampson CDG. If you haven’t had a chance to read over these crucial tips, please go to my pages and check it out. Always good to keep in the loop on the top tips for making your self-tape auditions not only worth opening over email, but captivating!
Now onto some more valuable information for actors especially the actors who attends musical theatre or dance focused auditions. It is time to answer those major questions we’ve all thought heading to an audition with cuts and dance calls: WHAT DO I WEAR / WHAT DO I PACK / HOW DO I STAND OUT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS?

Below I have interviewed Pearson Casting & Martina Gumbs on some valuable insights for Musical Theatre auditions.

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I know Pearson Casting (James & Rosie Pearson) very well having worked on numerous projects with them both in Liverpool and London. I can proudly say they are the most responsive and caring Casting Directors I’ve grown to know in the audition room. They work so closely with performers in auditions and make them know that they appreciate their time for coming out and giving there all! They love to give feedback when needed and work constantly on improving the opportunities available in Liverpool and the North.


@TwinTina2 (Martina Gumbs)

Martina is another fabulous professional in the business I’ve met through the Norwegian Cruise Line auditions. She is a regular freelancer for Norwegian Crusie Lines and actively runs the dance auditions in the UK for the Creative Team based in Flordia.


Pearson Casting & Martina Gumbs work closely with Norwegian Creative Studios

Martina is a fantastic trained dancer, inspiring choreographer/teacher and an active performer herself. She completely understands what it takes to get through an audition as well as how to run one. She is feisty, fierce and knows how to work dancers to get them to perform to their highest abilities.

Make sure to check out Pearson Castings Twitter Page & Website for upcoming auditions


Make sure to keep an eye out on Martina’s twitter page for upcoming dance classes — they look great from the clips i’ve seen!


Without further ado, please find below some question and answers on


MUSICAL THEATRE (in the audition room) QUESTIONS:

  1. Why is it important to pick the right outfit for your audition?  

Pearson Casting: There has to be a level of showing that you care about attending the audition. Recently someone turned up late and in a tracksuit and trainers with hair as though he had just got out of bed. That to me doesn’t necessarily portray A) Someone that really cares about being there and B) An understanding of what it is to be leading man.

  1. Are there any “don’t wear ever” items to be aware of?

Pearson Casting: High-fashion clothing. Shoes you can’t walk in for example.  Extremely tight skinny jeans just look weird.  Whether you’re in for the leading role or ensemble, try and think leading actor.  Neutral clothing, so we can focus on your talent.

  1. Shoes – what shoes for what type of audition.  

    Pearson Casting: Nothing too high fashion.  Make sure you can walk in them and perform in them.  Read what you are auditioning for and do some research on what might be required of you in the audition. Research the team you will be auditioning for and what they like.  Everyone will have a different opinion. Bring a spare pair.  If you turn up and everyone is auditioning in heels, have a pair with you.  If everyone seems to be auditioning in flats…have a pair with you.

  1. Should you bring extra items on your bag? 

    Pearson Casting: As above.  If you’re a dancer, bring every form of dance shoe to show off your skills. Jazz, Heels, Pointe, Tap.  Just because the AD didn’t say bring tap shoes, bring them anyway.

  1. Let’s get specific – what is the ideal men’s audition outfit?

    Pearson Casting: For a MT Audition – Go Neutral.  Nice pair of dark jeans/trousers, black/dark blue shirt, shoes or boots.  Not super skinny jeans though.



  1. What should every dancer always bring to a dance call? 

Martina: Dancer should always bring all shoes – heels, trainers, jazz shoes ballet shoes etc as you never know. Bring along a change of clothing because what tends to happen people wear the same sort of style or colour so once you see who’s wearing what you can change to possibly stand out.

  1. What is best to wear for a dance call (men & woman) 

Martina: Females should always wear tight fitted clothing, males should wear tight tops to show off muscles and also suitable bottoms

  1. Best advice in general for standing out for all the right reasons?

    Martina: Stand out by doing the best you can do and really listening to what they want. just be present!

Last minute advice from Martina: Always do the best you can do! You can’t change who you are on that day so just go for it, always be polite to others in the room because you never know where you’ll meet them again.



Thank you all for reading and feel free to share to those who will find this information useful! Take this, run with it and stand out for all the right reasons. A BIG thank you to Pearson Casting & Martina for taking the time to answer these questions above and to help out others in becoming solid with their craft!


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