Who is watching?


Who has been watching BBC3 online? They have set out some fantastic drama series and I have been LIVING for them all.


Murdered by My Father

I have to start this post talking about this brave piece of television. Adeel Akhtar & Kiran Sonia Sawar were captivating and the writing by Vinay Patel was on point. This story is based in London about a Family and went into the hard to discuss topic of Honor Abuse. Everyone – Go see this on the BBC3 Iplayer now while you can – not only for the moving acting but the Casting is spectacular!
Casting by Jennifer Duffy



Wow – this series kept me on my toes! I wish it was more than 5 episodes long, but definitely worth a watch over and over again. Jodie Comer (known for her most recent performance in Doctor Fosters) was moving along with multiple breakthrough performances. Something to catch on BBC3 Iplayer now while you still can!!

Life on Death Row (Love Triangle)

This is a mini series on BBC and each episode lasts around 10 minutes each. Recently the Love Triangle series took me on by storm. Something to watch as the American judicial system is intense along with some more police brutality conspiracy. Go grab it on the BBC Iplayer.

The A Word 

Right, I started watching this with hesitation as I have multiple family members who deal with Autism in their own lives either personally or in their jobs. I wasn’t sure how they would play it and deal with this extremely hushed up topic. Although, I am happy to report that this has been a joy to watch. I am only on the 4th episode but it is filled with honesty, humor and family improvement. Something to watch if you’re interested. Also features some fantastic British actors/actresses such as: Christopher EcclestonVinette RobinsonGreg McHugh and Morven Christie

FLOWERS (Channel 4)

Whoa, lets me honest here… this is the break through drama/quirky/british series of the year!!!! I don’t want to give much away but this is about an extremely dysfunctional family – that is all I will say. Actors/Actresses in this are off the chain: Olivia ColmanJulian BarrattDaniel Rigby, and Sophia Di Martino


The Wendy Williams Show 

I have recently started watching her show and I absolutely love her. She is hilarious and her hot topics sections really keep you in tune with celebs!

Keeping up with the Kardashians

This is my guilt pleasure. It is true, I love this show. I think it can be so funny – no tea no shade guys…

The Ellen Show

Do I even need to go into this? I love her, I love the show and #iwillworkforellen is very much still happening.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

From the amazing theme tune to the cast – it is just amazing. Go Netflix and Chill the season 2 premiere.

Game of Thrones

…..Amazing. I can’t speak or write about GOT without giving away spoilers so i’ll stop here. Go and watch!



What is this show Sometimes when you live far away from the States you miss out on shows like this.  I saw on social media (From RuPaul of course) that he was hosting this show. Will report on this once I get the chance to watch it!

That is all for now. If anyone has a new show they are loving or anything that they want to share I am always up for some new TV shows!


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