What a wonderful day to set in motion, although every time I log into Twitter it seems there is a day for everything. Just the other day it was Middle Childs Day?

I thought I would start with a few things that make me happy:

  1. Loren Rogerson, I am lucky to be your wife!
  2. My mom and Sister! Both beautiful women and I am lucky to have them both.
  3. My in laws and all the crowd as they keep me young, fresh and most of all POSITIVE. 
  4. My hilarious friends who are always there to tell me the truth and lie when need be. 
  5. Thai food….obviously 
  6. New American slang terms, I don’t mind if I’m getting older because I will always cut my words down (IE Fab) and use whatever terms teenagers are using today.
  7. Starting my new job tomorrow at Webtise! Digital PR Executive I’m ready for you!
  8. I love (!) I use them regularly because when I speak I am passionate so why not type the way I speak?

I could go on, but I have a few points I wanted to make. 


Has anyone watched Inside Obama’s White House on BBC 2 or Iplayer? It is going to be a 4-part series so I’d suggest giving it a watch! It’s….

I found it very interesting to not only have the chance to learn the truth of his presidency but to see what it has been like since the moment of election in 2009. It’s fascinating to see how a man wanted (and has done in some ways) change America but doesn’t have the jurisdiction to do so. Keep watching – VERY INTERESTING.

He must be watching Trump like…

barack-obama-donald-trump-is-a-joke-meme                                                                         #DumpTrump

Now onto something I am too excited about and something that truly makes me happy: MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2!

The_poster_for_My_Big_Fat_Greek_wedding_2_is_making_us_all_feel_oldPersonally as a young teen I would watch the first movie with my mother on the regular.


This was in my weekly vocabulary.

Have you seen the Twitter Campaign? It is a funny pull your face to make it thinner selfie submission. Really like the way they’ve gone with it. Check it out Here. 


Other than that, I have a very exciting Blog Post coming up soon for Actors on Headshots. I am interviewing 3 very well known West End Photographers with some general questions so please keep your eyes posted for that next week. 


Until then, please check out my videos on EllenTube. I will be making regular videos with the new hashtag I’ve created (#iwillworkforellen) and the link is HERE. Lets get the hashtag seen and hopefully ONE DAY I CAN WORK FOR ELLEN… 


Happy #InternationalDayofHappiness once again to everyone – Love yourself and love others always. 


Hearts & Flowers,


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