@TheEllenShow in Liverpool? #iwillworkforellen

Exciting news…

71a4fbb63450118249118321c5188b44I heard through the grape vine today that the Producers for The Ellen DeGeneres are in Liverpool, UK today!

After endless tweets, instagrams, ellentube and social media videos I have not had a reply (assumed as much as they are all extremely busy producers and a million people a day try to reach out to them). I offered to be a runner, grab them coffee or show them around the city.  I did however find a new found confidence in leaving a video over Twitter to her, Andy Lassner and Ed Glavin  with no make up after a gym visit – BUT we all do what we can if it means getting in contact with fantastic people. I am sure it is no surprise to anyone that I would absolutely love to work for her. More to come of this as I am now on the Ellen Tube and will upload videos to the team weekly. I am also designing with my incredibly talented friend Amanda (graphic designer) to make a resume box to send her offices. Fingers crossed this will grab their attention. 

On another note…

I am looking forward to this evenings Theatre Visit for Press Night with Pearson Casting for Down the Dock Road at The Royal Court in Liverpool.

Break a leg all and can’t wait to see Les Dennis and Andrew Schofield! DTDR-Final-Image

Thoughts to come later! 


So this happened:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.27.12 AM

Just one hashtag is needed: #DUMPTRUMP  


That’s all for now. Hearts and flowers,


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