Who is watching this?

Television Alert! Some great stuff on…


First thing is first. Who is watching RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE SEASON 8? RuPaul is definitely my guilty pleasure. Once it arrived to the Netflix UK base I knew I found not only a new found love for drag queens and shadowing my make up – but a whole new list of vocabulary. Living in the UK you really don’t hear the terms ‘HUNTY, SHADE, SLAY, AMEN’, but now I can safely say them.
I first loved Kim Chi and was over the moon she won the first competition, but lets be honest ‘hunty’ that walk was no diva prance. What do you think?

You can watch the UNTUCKED episode on youtube here: Click Link.

We will have to wait and see!


Next on my list…

I went through and had a whole day marathon of ‘THE RETURNED’ the Netflix original Series. I really loved it until I did further research and realized it started as a book and then a series in France.
I need to go back and watch the French series as it has fantastic reviews! Anyone seen this?


AND next on my list…

rick-and-mortyThis television series is very deceiving from first glance. My partner is a HUGE fan and has literally made me watch Rick and Morty over and over again. Through time I am realizing how dark and twisted it is – AND IM LOVING IT! Justin & Dan – you two are fantastic writers and the graphics have really grown on me.

It is a good mixture of The Fairy Odd Parents + South Park + Family Guy + Horror/Aliens = Brilliance.


That is all from now. Look forward to seeing what people like! Every week I will share more and more television shows I am watching (or not watching for a reason). Can’t wait to hear feedback.

Hearts & Flowers,

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