Life in Casting… 

I am a Casting Assistant! What does it take? 

I am proud to be a Casting Assistant in the Entertainment Industry. Truly it is what fulfills me in life and every time I have the chance to be in the audition room I feel honored and in my element. Not only to watch actors/actresses of all backgrounds and talents – but to know I got to where I’ve wanted to be.

My mind races when I watch a performer. I am thinking about where they can fit within the show or any other production, how far they can stretch themselves, do they look like their headshot, where are they placing their voice, would they mesh with this actor – and so on.
That being said, the journey of working in Casting is on going and ever changing. I have worked as a unpaid intern for most of my 20’s and still (happily!) take unpaid work to ‘make my dreams come true’ and work on EXCITING projects. Before I turned 22 I completed 10 internships in the UK & USA.

It wasn’t until I was 22 when I was paid for my first project as a Casting Assistant working with Pearson Casting who I still work with [CHECK THEM OUT!] and a freelancer for Hollyoaks At Lime Pictures booking background artists. This was such a huge achievement in my life and I will cherish the feeling forever.
The way I see it the more chances and opportunities to network – THE BETTER! I have a list of productions where I say I would give literally almost anything (within reason, baring in mind I can be slightly dramatic at times with my phrases) to be in that audition room…

LOST – good god, what an incredible cast.
Orange is the new black – such a phenomenal range of female actresses
American horror story – ongoing performers that have such range
Big Bang theory – I know this is controversial but I believe those actors were hand picked and mesh well, it’s incredible.
SNL – I mean, where do they find such talented improv actors
OJ Simpson Cast – where and how did they collect that cast!
Modern family – absolutely hilarious. Most of them have grown to be incredible!

I could literally go on for days. 
But what I am trying to make clear by this post is we all take jobs, do roles, get coffee – any means necessary to get to where we want to be in life. and with a smile on my/your face. So this is the direction I am going with this blog.

This blog is for anyone in the entertainment business or isn’t – whoever has a dream and passion; stay tuned. I will share stories (nothing private as I always keep promises and confidentiality to the MAX!), advice, tips, anything I can do to help others make their dreams come true. 

For me, I am trying. I have a plan set and I know LA will be in the cards for us (Loren and I). I want to properly work in Television, whether it is in Marketing, Casting, production what have you. I have the drive and if I have gotten this far and worked on all the Musicals I loved as a kid in Casting (even as an intern): Phantom of the Opera. Les Miserables. Mamma Mia. The Lion King. Legally Blonde. Billy Elliot. We Will Rock You. Sweeney Todd. Wicked. Book of Mormon. Many more whilst at offices for Broadway and West End…

Then I & WE CAN DO IT! 👌 


Hearts and flowers and stay tuned. Much much more to come.

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